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As men grow older, enlarged prostate is a common problem that may happen and thus people want to know how to shrink prostate. Prostate enlargement can create several problems, such as frequent urination that can increase the risk or urinary infection and bladder stones. If you feel that you are suffering from enlarged prostate, you should consult with your doctor and undergo some necessary tests. There are some treatments that a doctor can give to cure your problem and this article will explore these different types of treatment.


Medication is the first usual step given by the doctor to shrink prostate. Drugs like finasteride and dutasteride have shown that they can reduce certain hormones in your body that make the enlarged prostate problem. These drugs normally will either halt the swelling or even reduce the size of the prostate, which make them as a good therapy if the enlarged prostate is detected early. Alpha blockers like doxasozin and tamsulosin can help to relax muscles surrounding the prostate and bladder which will ease common symptoms of enlarged prostate, such as frequent urination. This is a common thing for a doctor to give a combination of hormone-reducing drugs and alpha blockers to provide strong result to shrink prostate.


If medication is not effective t shrink prostate, then it is high probability that you will need a surgery to correct the problem. This type of treatment usually involves removing parts of the prostate tissue by using surgical procedures performed through the urethra. Generally, the therapy involves using a catheter to transfer a small amount of heat to the prostate. The purpose is to destroy small amounts of tissue in localized areas. Normally this surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis meaning that you do not need to stay over night in the hospital.

However, if the above procedure does not work, transurethral resection of the prostate may be required to remove the excess tissue. As the outpatient procedure, a small electrical loop is inserted through the urethra that will cut tissue and seal blood vessels. In the end the removed parts is flushed out at the end of the surgery. This is a relatively simple procedure and the patient can recover within a short period of time. There is a side effect that the surgery may result in ejaculation into the bladder, which usually is not considered as a harmful side effect. Nowadays, doctors are still conducting studies to find new ways to shrink prostate and it is high probability that in the near future, new treatments will be widely available.

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