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Why do You Need to Consider Robotic Prostate Surgery?

Technology has developed rapidly today and one of its inventions is a robotic prostate surgery. Prostate cancer is usually a disease that can be treated without any surgery if it can be caught and treated early. Unfortunately, in some cases, removing the cancer from the body by using surgical procedure is the only option to beat it. Actually prostate surgery is a common procedure, but there is the fear of scars, necessary recovery time, and anxiety about the surgery.

Fortunately, recent advance technology can help to ease the problems. If you find that you need to undergo prostate cancer surgery, you may want to consider robotic prostate surgery. The procedure involves can be said similar as playing a video game. In this case, the hands of the surgeon are connected to sensors that resemble a glove and it will allow the surgeon to use his hand naturally to operate the robotic arms to perform the actual surgery. In addition, cameras with magnifiers will give the surgeon a close-up view from the inside.


The main advantage of robotic prostate surgery is that the instruments are more slender than the ones used in the traditional surgery and thus it will result in smaller holes in the body. In addition, the magnification device and the design of the robot arms allow more subtle movements than a surgeon could perform. Therefore, it will produce less scaring to the patient and also faster healing period. With robotic prostate surgery, recovery time can be cut weeks shorter, which obviously will give less impact on someone's life.


However, robotic prostate surgery procedure also offers a disadvantage, although the disadvantage usually affects the surgeon and not the patient. The most prominent problem with robotic prostate surgery is that the surgeon does not receive any tactile reaction from the robotic arms. The surgeon cannot feel any sort of resistance if it exists and sometimes this is a tradeoff that most surgeons would not prefer to have.

Due to the same reason, robotic prostate surgery can be an exhausting effort for surgeons who are not used to the procedure. This is a relatively new procedure and thus not many surgeons have gained sufficient experience with it which can make the process more complicated compares to traditional surgery. Therefore, even if you want to undergo robotic prostate surgery, you may not find the service in your area. However, the advantage of the procedure is good for you so you should at least consult with your doctor to find out about its possibility.

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