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Understanding the right time to take prostate test is necessary to detect whether you are suffering from prostate cancer or not. Studying about cancer, its types, and how it can affect the body is one of the priorities of today's medical development. Obviously the mere mention of cancer can bring up images that are usually glum and life threatening. However, if we discuss about prostate cancer, this is one of the few types that doctors need to balance the need to have prostate test and when it is unnecessary.

Time is the essence

Time is really important in relation to prostate cancer. The condition generally affects men over the age of fifty and thus this becomes the magic number as why doctors recommend you to start getting regular prostate test. Prostate cancer is considered as a slow-moving disease and in many cases doctors need to balance when they should get rid of the cancer since treatment may in fact shorten the life expectancy.

The cancer can grow very slowly that men who have prostate cancer never have it to develop to where they can experience the symptoms. Therefore, doctors usually do not recommend any treatment for older men, especially over the age of seventy-five. Doctors feel that it is unnecessary for these men to take prostate test anymore because the chance is higher that they will die of other factors before the prostate cancer grows into something dangerous.

Common prostate tests

Nowadays, there are two common prostate tests to identify the presence of prostate cancer. The first is digital rectal examination or DRE and the second is prostate specific antigen or PSA test. The DRE is a prostate test that involves inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum to check the prostate gland. If you are over fifty years old, usually this test may be a part of your annual checkup. This prostate test may not sound pleasant, but it is very useful to detect the development of prostate cancer.

On the other hand, the PSA test can help the doctor to diagnose prostate cancer in its very early stage. This prostate test also offers another benefit since it can detect other problems like prostate infection that also can have undesirable effects to your health. It has a disadvantage though if we see from a doctor's point of view. Since it detects prostate cancer at its early stage, some patients may demand immediate treatment that can actually outweigh the health risks.

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