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Beware of the Risk of Prostate Surgery Incontinence Happening to You

Perhaps you have heard a doctor mentioned about prostate surgery incontinence and you are wondering what that is. In simple terms, incontinence is an inability to control the urinary bladder and thus a man cannot stop urine from leaking out. This is definitely an extremely embarrassing condition and you will be surprised to understand that the condition is relatively common to happen. Even more surprising is that although the problem is very annoying, only a small percentage of sufferers come to ask for help.

There are many inconveniences in relation to incontinence and it even makes you an outcast. You cannot travel easily, you cannot sleep over in your friend's house without proper planning and arrangement, and you even cannot sleep in your own bed peacefully because you are worry about the uncontrollable spillage.

There are many types of incontinence and it usually depends on the disease that you are suffering from, your age, weight, hereditary medical condition, and so on. Incontinence itself can be separated into four major types. The first is called urge incontinence, which will make you feel that you need to go to the bathroom every time you drink water no matter how small the amount is. Stress incontinence is the second type and in this case the urinary sphincter becomes loose, which make urine dribbles out every time you laugh, sneeze, or cough. This type of incontinence will make you leak at a slight exertion, such as getting up after sleep or rising from a chair.

The third one is a combination between urge and stress incontinence, which happens when symptoms from one type has showed one or more symptoms from another type. The last type is an incontinence caused by surgery, normally prostate surgery, or other medical interventions. In fact there are several surgical procedures that can create this prostate surgical incontinence, but fortunately the condition can be reversed with time.

A person who is suffering from prostate surgery incontinence at least can rest assured that he will be healed with sufficient time. Another good news is with current medical development, prostate surgery incontinence is perhaps the thing of the past because recent robotic prostate surgery can remove the prostate gland without disturbing the surrounding muscle tissues too much. However, people who suffer from other types of incontinence need to seek help and undergo necessary treatment or the condition may become worse over time. For the time being, sufferers may want to wear highly absorbent adult napkins that can give them more freedom to move around.

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