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Understanding Basic Facts about Prostate Problems and Symptoms

Prostate problems and symptoms usually start when a man reaches the age of forty years old. By the age of fifty years old, the condition becomes even more common although normally it is not life threatening. The source of these problems is the prostate gland, a part of male reproductive system the size of a walnut that secretes fluids to help carry the sperms. Enlarged prostate is the most common prostate problem and symptom that a man experience after the age of fifty years old.

The prostate problems and symptoms that happen due to enlarged prostate normally are related with the urethra. The function of this organ is to carry the urine from the bladder to be excreted from the body. In addition, the organ also carries semen during ejaculation. When the prostate enlarges, it will squeeze the urethra and in this case, the patient will feel the urge to urinate without being able to do so. The condition usually is not serious, but it is definitely inconvenience and annoying. Other prostate problems and symptoms related with this condition are a feeling of fatigue as well as a fever.

The severity of prostate problems and symptoms

Common prostate problems and symptoms usually only indicate an enlarged prostate problem, but they can also indicate a much more serious condition. Therefore, each man should have regular checkup or tests to make sure that there is no serious problem developing in his prostate. These tests may include blood test, a digital rectal exam, imaging, a study of urine flow, and a cystoscopy. Dangerous prostate problems and symptoms should be found out with these tests and thus the doctor can recommend any necessary treatment.

The medications related with prostate problems and symptoms will obviously depend on your doctor diagnosis. For an enlarged prostate condition, drinking plenty of water before six o'clock in the evening and almost none after that is the common recommendation. With this approach, the patient will not feel frequent urge to urinate when sleeping. If the prostate problems and symptoms disturb the patient greatly, the drug therapy may be prescribed to alleviate the condition.

However, if the doctor finds that the prostate problems and symptoms are very serious, then an extensive medical treatment usually is required. Prostate cancer is the worst condition that can happen to a patient with prostate problem and he will need to undergo more therapies. You should understand that with current medical advancement, prostate cancer can be cured completely and thus no one should feel that their condition is hopeless.

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