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What do You Need to Know about Prostate Fluid?

Perhaps you are wondering about why we produce prostate fluid. The prostate itself actually is an important part of male reproductive system. It affects your urinary system because it is located adjacent to the urinary bladder. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic of prostate health to make sure that you are healthy and happy because prostate problem can indeed create many discomforts. By understanding the function of the prostate and several common prostate illnesses, you will know how to take care your prostate's health.

Basically, the main function of prostate gland is to produce prostate fluid, which will become a large portion of semen including the characteristic milky white color. In addition, the prostate also has smooth muscle tissue that surrounds it, which will help your body to expel the prostate fluid during intercourse or ejaculation.

If you have a buildup of prostate fluid without experiencing ejaculation during prolonged sexual stimulation, you can experience a painful condition. Normally this condition can be easily resolved with ejaculation or, as common wisdom has dictated many times, a cold shower. If you consume too much alcohol and sexual activities that lead to similar condition, the buildup of prostate fluid can be so great and it will cause the prostate to swell. In this case, you can experience problems like frequent urination due to the constant pressure on the bladder.

Prostate massage

Interestingly, sometimes prostate massage is required as a treatment for some illnesses of the prostate, especially for chronic prostatitis, the inflammation of the prostate gland. Similar to a digital rectal examination, prostate massage requires a finger inserted into the rectum. The prostate is located next to the rectum and it is then massaged with light stimulation, no more than the amount of pressure used to rub your eye. This massage will result in a discharge of prostate fluid with or without an ejaculation or orgasm.

This same procedure sometimes is also used in some sexual practices and medical removal of prostate fluid. You should understand that if you use too much pressure and in particular if you are suffering from prostatitis, you can achieve negative results like blood poisoning. In fact, recent studies have shown that the use of prostate massage to remove excess prostate fluid does not show any improvement over antibiotics alone as it was once believed. When you understand how prostate massage works and the effect of a buildup of prostate fluid, then this information will help you to handle the occasional soreness that you experience in that area. With little knowledge of your prostate, you can keep yourself healthy and pain-free.

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