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What You Need to Know about Prostate Examination

Medical procedures, such as a prostate examination, can become an overwhelming experience to the patient. Actually prostate examination is relatively easy to do and normally you will receive the result rather shortly. It is completely up to you to decide when you should have this prostate examination, although you want to make sure that you undergo the procedure at the right time. You should not avoid prostate examination because it can have detrimental effects, such as enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. In many cases, men experience prostate enlargement around the age of fifty.

Many people avoid a prostate examination because of the way it is performed. Prostate examination is indeed an invasive procedure and it can make some people feel embarrassed, but it is also very necessary. If you have difficulty to urinate or feel that you need to hold back or experience frequent urinating at night, then you should consider getting a prostate examination immediately. Without proper treatment, the symptoms may worsen and include ejaculation problem, blood in the urine, and continuous bone pain. It can develop into a prostate cancer, which is a very painful condition. Therefore, it is very important to undergo a prostate examination to detect and treat any problem as early as possible.

The process of prostate examination

Prostate examination is performed through the rectum and you should relax yourself so the test can be finished sooner. The doctor will use a latex or rubber glove and apply lubricant to one finger that will ease the insertion to the rectum. Then the doctor will need to rotate his finger to locate the prostate. You will feel a slight pressure, but the process should not be painful at all.

When the sphincter muscles have relaxed, the prostate examination can begin. The finger is inserted in a downward angle to complete the procedure. After the examination is completed, the doctor normally can give the results rather quickly. This is an important and necessary procedure for all men, especially seniors, and it is recommended for men to undergo annual prostate examination.

Prostate cancer treatment

Several treatments are available to treat prostate cancer condition. Hormone therapy can be used to lower the hormone level of the patient. In this case, a hormone called androgen is lowered to shrink the enlarged prostate condition. Another alternative is to remove the testicles which will lower the testosterone and androgen automatically. Radiation therapy is also available for a patient who suffers from prostate cancer. All the available treatments can be explained in detailed by your doctor after you complete the prostate examination process because the result from the test will determine the prostate problem that need to be dealt with.

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