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Do You Know that You Can Experience Pleasure by Stimulation the Male Prostate?

The male prostate or sometimes known as the male G spot is a highly sexual and normally overlooked spot on the male body. It is located inside the perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus. The male prostate is a small part of your body, in fact the size is only as big as a half dollar coin.

The function of the male prostate is to excrete prostatic fluid that becomes the main component of semen. When it is massaged internally, the male prostate can induce an explosive orgasm that is both pleasurable and exhilarating. You should always keep in mind that enjoying anal stimulation does not indicate your sexual orientation. It does not mean that you are a homosexual if you enjoy the feeling when your prostate is being stimulated. If you can drop your shyness on this matter, you can experience great pleasure in the future. Not many people have explored this sexual area and if you give a little time and practice, male prostate stimulation can give explosive results that you will enjoy.

Stimulating the male prostate gland

You can start exploring the male prostate and providing stimulation to it by finding a water based lubricant. You can apply the lubricant onto your index finger which will help ease the insertion to your anus. You may want to start with rubbing or massaging the prostate from external or allowing several small strokes to create excitement and an erection. Then you can work your way to the anus and begin massage the prostate internally.

This male prostate stimulation usually also requires a lot of trust and discretion from your partner. Foreplay is always important and thus allow your partner to explore your body can bring a more satisfying result. You can perform this prostate stimulation while receiving oral sex as well to get a more intense orgasm. Some women may enjoy anal stimulation so you should explore the option and enjoy the fun that you may experience.

Male prostate grooming

Obviously before you want to involve in anal play, there are several considerations that you need to address. A bowel movement should be made if possible and your anus area should be clean and ready to be explored. If you want to provide stimulation to this male prostate, you should make sure that you are well groomed. Your fingernails should be trimmed and clean and make sure that there is no rough or jagged edge that can cause discomfort. You may want to have a warm bath with your partner to help both of you feel relaxed. You will experience an erotic explosion that you may crave for more and thus be creative and let your partner know what feels good to you.

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