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Do You Experience Enlarged Prostate Symptoms?

Understanding enlarged prostate symptoms is very essential to keep you staying on top of your health. When an individual stops growing, the most striking changes in the body normally will end as well. Then, the process of aging starts its own toll and, once again, changes happen both internal and external. For middle-aged men, maintaining the health of the prostate is one thing that needs to be considered. Due to the function of the prostate and its location, a healthy prostate condition is linked to the health of both the reproductive system and the urinary system.

The process of aging and the health of the prostate

Sometimes the prostate becomes enlarged as men grow older, especially in relation to Western lifestyle. The risk of enlarged prostate is higher the older a man gets. Common enlarged prostate symptoms are related to the bladder because usually the prostate gland will press against it. As the prostate enlarges over time, the pressure increases, and the bladder starts showing common enlarged prostate symptoms, such as difficulty to start urinating, problem to completely empty the bladder, and in several occasions, uncontrollable small releases of urine.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, proper diagnosis needs to be performed, which normally involves a rectal examination. This is a normal physical check up for most men over fifty years old. If the doctor diagnoses that you have an enlarged prostate, he will perform further tests to determine whether you are at risk of prostate cancer. Normally you will receive medications and if they do not reduce the enlarged prostate symptoms, the doctor may consider the necessity of surgical procedure to reduce the size of the prostate.

Enlarged prostate and cancer

Enlarged prostate symptoms overlap with those of prostate cancer, but you should understand that an enlarged prostate is not a certain indicator that an individual is suffering from prostate cancer. Prostate cancer symptoms also include the difficulties listed previously, but it also may include sexual impotency and pain during ejaculation. Usually it is relatively difficult to detected prostate cancer because it needs to have a sizable tumor to be detected through a rectal examination.

In many cases, prostate cancer is diagnosed through blood tests. When you understand the differences between these two conditions, you can become less worry at your enlarged prostate condition, rather than following the common misconception saying that it indicates the presence of cancer. If you experience enlarged prostate symptoms or prostate cancer symptoms, you should consult with your doctor and undergo necessary tests. It is unnecessary to feel panic or desperate because of your condition.

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