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Important Facts about Enlarged Prostate Symptom

Some men have an unfortunate condition and experience enlarged prostate symptoms. Actually enlarged prostate is common to happen, especially among older men, and people with this condition complain that they have problems during urination. Sometimes they experience frequent urination during the night that disrupts their sleep while some cannot start or stop urinating or experience drippings of urine after they have finished urinating.

In a more serious case of enlarged prostate symptoms, people can experience blood in the urine or even pus. Many people also say that they have problems to achieve and maintain an erection as well as facing difficulty to ejaculate. All these enlarged prostate symptoms should be assessed carefully to determine the severity of the problem. If you experience any of them, it is important to make an appointment with your doctor. If you delay, the problems can develop into something more serious and life threatening.

Examination and treatment of prostate

Women do not have a prostate gland and obviously they will never experience enlarged prostate symptoms. On the other hand, men over the age of fifty should undergo regular prostate examination. This is the most suitable time to tell the doctor about any enlarged prostate symptom that you experience so he can perform a prostate examination to determine the source of the problems.

Prostate examination actually is not an invasive procedure and generally it involves inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into the anus for an internal examination. After the doctor has finished the procedure, he will address the enlarged prostate symptoms that you experience. Nowadays, there are various medicines in the market that are considered effective to treat enlarged prostate symptoms. These medications have been proven to work on 75% of men who have this condition.

Do not procrastinate

This attitude can be bad for your health. If you experience those enlarged prostate symptoms, you should consult with your doctor immediately to find the real sources of the problem. The symptoms may only indicate a natural enlarged prostate condition, but they can also indicate the development of prostate cancer where you will need immediate treatment to stop the growth. Avoiding necessary prostate care can lead to death so do not procrastinate and take necessary prostate tests to find out the health of your prostate. If you know what you are dealing with, you will be able to make a sound decision about the treatment that you will take.

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