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What are the Causes of Enlarged Prostate?

The size of prostate gland is only as big as a walnut, but it can grow and create problem, thus many men would like to understand the causes of enlarged prostate. This problem usually happens in men over the age of forty and in fact enlarged prostate is not an unusual condition for these men. Enlarged prostate can squeeze the urethra that carries urine from your bladder and obviously this condition can create a problem. In this case, enlarged prostate causes difficulty during urinating.

Men who are suffering from this condition find that urinating is an inconvenient and uncomfortable experience. This is what an enlarged prostate can cause that is not a life threatening condition, but definitely uncomfortable and annoying. You will feel constant urge to urinate without the ability to do so. If you leave this condition untreated, it can lead to infection and even kidney damage. Of course it can lead to the inability to urinate which can become a very serious condition. Therefore, it is important for you to have a regular check-up to make sure that you receive necessary prescription or treatment so you will be protected from the serious side effects of this condition.

The causes of enlarged prostate still cannot be determined exactly until now. Medical professionals have a theory that androgens, including testosterone and other similar hormones, have a direct role in the development of this condition. The basic concept is not that these hormones actually cause an enlarged prostate, but research has found that in order for this condition to occur, androgens must exist. For instance, men who were castrated as young boys do not suffer from prostate problems as adults.

Is it necessary to have medical attention?

Normally an enlarged prostate does not require immediate medical attention. Actually, the condition is not a serious, but it could become a more serious condition in the future. Since aging process is another one of the causes of enlarged prostate, you should not become immediately concerned with this condition. There are several practical steps that are recommended by medical professionals to eliminate some of the annoying effects of an enlarged prostate.

Many doctors will recommend that you should avoid drinking too much water after six in the evening so you will not lose your sleeping time because of the urge to urinate throughout the night. However, doctors may also recommend that you keep drinking eight glasses of water for the rest of the day in order to avoid any infection to the bladder. Drinking cranberry juice may be recommended as well to prevent bladder infection.

As discussed, old age and hormones are considered as causes of enlarged prostate and the condition can be treated relatively easy in most cases. However, you should have regular check-up to make sure that you are in optimum health and you also can counter any problem as early as possible.

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